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C / C++ Duration : 3 months

Understanding C++ means understanding really going on inside the computer. C++ is great, it is quite simply that C forces an acute awareness of memory.

The C/C++ programmer must be intimately aware of all the memory in use by his program. Though at times memory is automatically allocated (variable declarations and some function calls), Understanding pointers can prove horrifying for the novice programmer, but they represent perhaps the most critical idea in practical computer science.

Understanding how the program stack and heap work gives immeasurable insight into what higher level languages are doing behind the scenes.

• Syllabus
• Program Logic & Designs
• Prog. Statements
• Conditions
• Loops
• Structure
• OOPs Using C++
• Class & Object
• Inheritance
• Polymorphism
• Operator Overloading
• Pointers
• Files & Stream