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COPA (Computer Operating & Programming Assistant) Duration : 1 year Elegibility : 12th

The World is becoming more and more fast paced. Technology has increased so much in the last few years and this trend looks like it will continue. It is so important to keep up with these emerging technologies and the skills that are required to properly use these new gadgets.

The education of information technology is important to meet the challenges presented by new trends, especially with the global communication of knowledge. It is essential that the students become familiar with the concept and use of IT information technology in order equip them for future job market. Using IT tools, such as multimedia, e-mail, presentation handouts, commercial courseware, CD-ROM materials, www-based resources etc.

After successful completion of course, a trainee can start our career as a Assistant Programmer in the Govt, Semi-Govt, Private sector workshop which open the scope of promotion upto higher level, depending upon the experience and degree of skill. This course makes the person capable to handle EDP processing of a organizations and to become an entrepreneur in the small scale industries sector.
• Syllabus
Module 1 : Fundamentals of Computer
UNIT-I : History of Computers and Fundamentals of PC
UNIT III : Computer Hardware and Software concepts
UNIT-III : Microcomputer and Operating System Windows, Unix, MsDOS)
UNIT-IV : Concept of Information & Data processing, Handling Troubleshooting
Module 2 : Application Packages
UNIT- I : Office Automation Package
UNIT-II : Spread Sheet Package
UNIT-III : Database Management with Xbase packages & RDBMS, SQL
UNIT-IV : Internet, HTML, E-Mail, Computer & Communication,
UNIT-V : Introduction of Graphics/ Multimedia/ Animation packages
Module 3 : Programming Practice & Techniques
UNIT-I : Program design & Logic
UNIT-II : Programming and Problem solving through “C”
UNIT-III : Flow Charts;
Unit-IV : Approaching ASP.Net Starting with Visual Basic.NET ;
Module 4 : Introduction to Business Organization
UNIT-I : Business Application & Financial Accounting  with Tally
UNIT-II : Business Data Processing & Sales Analysis